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Do you want to know how to make topiaries for your wedding? This article is written by a former crafts store employee who actually made topiaries for her wedding. (I was there and they were awesome!) We are so excited that Julie was willing to share her wonderful knowledge with us and you! Thanks Julie!

Supplies needed:

  1. styrofoam topiary structure (the craft store can help you with this)
  2. ceramic clay pot
  3. acrylic paints (for the clay pot)
  4. paint brush
  5. ivy
  6. flowers
  7. glue gun
  8. paperclips
  9. tulle (pronounced "tool")
  10. moss
  11. thin string of beads
  12. wire cutters

* all items can be found at an Arts and Crafts store


  1. Paint the clay pot according to the colors that you want represented in your wedding. (I did a base coat of white and then sponged on silver)

  2. Let dry.

  3. Hot glue the topiary structure into the clay pot.

  4. Cover the top of plant area in the pot with moss. You may want to lay down a little hot glue first.

  5. Take the ivy and wrap it around the styrofoam ball. You may use hot glue as you wrap the ivy around. However, I found that using a wire cutters to cut paperclips is an easy and neat way to attach the ivy. The paperclip should be in a u-shape after you cut it.

  6. After the ivy is attached, cut the stem off the flower and poke it into the styrofoam ball. I hot glued these, which for the short term was good. However, I gave mine to someone else to use and her colors weren't periwinkle and silver (making it more difficult for her to re-use). So, if you plan to give your topiary to someone, you may not want to hot glue the flowers.

  7. Cut small squares of tulle (3"x3"). Cut 5-6 inches off of the string of beads. Lay your square down on the table. Place the string down stretching from corner to corner. Take your cut paperclips and poke it through the tulle so that you catch the beads with your paperclip. Poke the tulle and beads into the styrofoam ball.

  8. Cut 1.5 feet of tulle and beads. Wrap this around the wood stick to help hide it a little.

  9. Take one of the tulle squares and beads and poke them into the mossy area. You could add a flower here as well.

  10. Be creative. Walk around the craft store for a while to see if there is anything else that would be neat to add to the topiary. If you are having a golf theme for your wedding, stick a golf ball in the moss and poke tee's into the styrofoam ball. Things like that add a lot to a wedding.

by Julie Raymond

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