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Four Ways to Make Sure Your Guests Have Fun

Are you ready to make you wedding a great celebration? Here are four ideas to help you guests have a grand time:

  1. Thank Them
    We often relegate thank you's to little slips of paper sent after the wedding, but the importance of thank you's throughout your wedding ceremony and reception cannot be overemphasized. Thank your guests for taking the time to share in this special day with you. Print it on the program for the ceremony. Thank them when you are greeting them or talking to them throughout the day. When you welcome them at your reception let them know how very thankful you are to have wonderful friends and family who care enough to come.

  2. Encourage Interaction
    Never again will you have all of the bride and groom's family and friends all in the same place. Many of the people at the wedding may not know each other, but they all have a common bond - they all care about YOU. Encourage them to talk to each other and learn more about each other, using you as a starting point. You could even go so far as making stickers for your guests to wear that say "Ask Me About Steve at College!" or "Ask Me About Jane as a Child!" to encourage them to share their memories with each other.

  3. Share Your Lives With Them
    Encourage your friends and family to share stories from the microphone. See if you have any friends who would like to do comedy skits regarding you and your mate. My sister (and maid of honor) and a good friend (and groomsmen) surprised my husband and I with a hilarious skit about how we met and fell in love at our reception. And our guests loved it.

  4. Let them Play
    Your guests really want to have fun. Show them how. Instead of clanking their glasses to see you kiss, require each table to stand up and sing a song with the word "love" in it. If you have big band at your reception, bring in someone to offer free (and brief) ballroom dancing lessons to your guests on the spot. We were able to find someone from our campus ballroom dancing club to offer lessons to our guests. It got a lot of them out on the dance floor and enjoying themselves in no time.

Just give them an excuse to enjoy themselves and your wedding will be a great celebration!

by Lori McDonald
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