What does the price include?

 Your site includes the layout of your choice, a free Welcome Message add-on, and the ability to change the color of your text, links and more.

Add-ons The cost of your site is actually based on which add-ons you choose to place on your site. The add-on setup fee is the total of the prices for each add-on that you choose. Each add-on has an individual price (see the pricing page for a list of prices). This is a yearly fee- you pay this as soon as you set up your site, and a year after the date of purchase you will receive a message inquiring if you would like to extend your site for another year or if you would like to deactivate your site.


A wedding website with the Welcome Message (free), Guestbook ($8.99), Photo Albums ($13.49), Wedding Countdown ($2.49) and Wedding and Reception Info. ($7.99) add-ons would be a total of just $32.96 for one year of having your site active!
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