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July 21, 2024  

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Planning for Your Wedding Website

Did you JUST get engaged? Congratulations! I bet you are pretty excited and revved up to begin planning for your wedding. I would also bet, however, that you are not quite ready to begin thinking about a wedding website. That's understandable! There are lots of other things you will need to do first - choose a reception site, book a photographer, choose a DJ or other entertainer, etc., etc., etc. So now is not the time to spend lots of energy on your wedding website.

When will you want to spend this energy? Probably at least 4 months before your wedding. Why? Generally, you will want to order your wedding invitations about 4 months before your wedding. And, because you will probably want to put your wedding website address right on your invitation for all of your guests to see, you will need to know that address before ordering your invitations. This will also leave plenty of time for you to gather all of your thoughts, stories, important ideas, etc. that you will want to share on your site. Most brides try to send their invitations out about 6-8 weeks before the wedding, so you will want to have your website ready at the same time (you don't want to send the invitations with the address on it, only to have your guests discover that the site is not complete.)

If you would like a reminder to come back to a few months before your wedding to create your website, just fill in the form below:

Wedding Date:
(Ex. August 17, 2001)
# Months Before to remind:
(We recommend 4 months) does not sell names or e-mail addresses and will use this information solely for the purpose of sending you a reminder e-mail

So, what will you need to begin your wedding website? Not too much. First, if you want your fiance to participate I would make sure to talk with him or her about it. Give them fair warning so they can think about what they want to say and how they want to say it. They will have a chance to enter their side of the story of how you met and to write a note about their attendants and/or ushers. Most likely, the other information, you can probably enter yourself. Of course, you will need to know the date of your wedding, where it will be located, and any special information you want your guests to have. But, basically, what you need is yourself and a little bit of time. If you discover there is something that you forgot, you can always go back later and enter it (just remember your login and password).

Now I would like to take this chance to remind you that FOR A LIMITED TIME you can get the "Welcome Message" on your wedding website for FREE! Here is a helpful hint for you: this means that if you wanted a very basic site (with just your welcome message to your guests and visitors) you could have a very nice basic site for FREE!!! See our pricing page for a list of all of our add-ons. And, don't forget about our One-Week Free Trial! I highly recommend trying out and seeing how you like it!

by Kelly Kons

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