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January 28, 2022  

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Link to Your Registry from Your Wedding Website

Customer Testimonials

"...Your website is by far the best and most reasonable for couples. (I) believe I checked around for at least 6 months. Also, thank you for your speedy responses."

- Domonique

"You guys do a great job. Everyone loves our website!!"

- Kim

Would you create a wedding website if you knew that you could put a link on your wedding website to your registry site?
  • Not only will your wedding website be a high-quality site with a more elaborate style, it can also have a link to your registry website for guests to do their online shopping, if they choose.
  • We feel that this sends a strong message to your guests that your wedding is more than the presents you receive, but about the presence of the people who care for and love you. The people are what make your day truly special and we think that they are going to love your wedding website!
Why will my guests love my wedding website?
  • Your guests will love your wedding website because of all of the personalized features. From your URL to your guestbook, to your one of a kind wedding quiz (about you!), your site will be unique and entertaining for your guests. And, more than that, your site will share your story of love with your guests and everybody loves a love story.
But, why would I want to buy a wedding website when I can get one for free elsewhere?
  • Your wedding website is sure to impress your friends and family. When they see the features on your website, such as the quiz about your life, wedding, and relationship, they will be so much more excited about your wedding. Sometimes, we go to so many weddings that we forget why it is that we are there - when your guests visit your site, they will read all about your relationship and really get to know you better. Then, when they are at your wedding, they will feel more like they are a part of your day -- all because you shared your life with them on your wedding website.
How do I know that I am going to like my wedding website?
  • With our no-risk FREE trial, you can create a wedding website, try it out for FREE for one week, and decide for yourself if you like your wedding website.
What makes your free trial risk-free?
  • Your wedding website is risk-free because there is no obligation for you to keep your site. When you sign up for your trial you will be asked to create a login and password. We ask for your e-mail address in order to send you a reminder of your login and password and to let you know when your trial is about to expire, but we NEVER sell your name or address of any sort to anyone. Your information is kept completely confidential. And, we do not ask you for a credit card number or any billing information until you are ready to purchase your site. If you choose not to purchase your site, it will simply expire one week from the date that you created it.
If you do buy your site, are you guaranteed that you are going to like it?
  • Of course! We guarantee that you will like your wedding website, or we will do everything in our power to make you like your site. And, if you have an idea for something that we do not already offer, or are not already working on, when we use your idea we will give you that portion of your site for free!

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