What are add-ons?

  An add-on is a feature that adds to the basics of your wedding website. The basics of your site are your style and layout (the background graphics and buttons). The basics of your site do not cost anything. Add-ons are the only portion of your site that have a cost tied to them.

Each add-on is priced separately and will remain visible on your site for an entire year from the date of purchase. You can login to the PageBuilder and change the information in any of your add-ons at any time, as well as change your layout, style, URL, and just about anything!

To see a list of the add-ons available for your Bwedd.com wedding website, go to our pricing page. You can also see an example graphic of each of the add-ons!

Have fun creating your site - You will be amazed at all of the possibilities!

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